Vignobles de Terroirs

Winter in our vineyards…

It is time for winter rest for our vines, a well-deserved rest.

The leaves fell in November, the outside temperatures cooled, the vines curled up to sleep peacefully.

This first month of 2021, we dedicated it to taking care of her.

On each of our properties, the pruning has begun. This work consists in cutting a part of the branches to limit their growth and guide its branches. An important step that conditions the good fructification and the harvest of the grapes.

This size is an operation that is the result of centuries of observations and experiments.

Our know-how in this field has been refined over time to become a specialist in the harmonization of the terroir, the climate and the grape variety.

It is on the way to accomplish these morning tasks that on the lands of the Château Broustet, in the mist of the Ciron in Barsac, we had the chance to admire the cold that takes hold of the vineyard thus offering us an incredible spectacle…

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