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L’Oliveraie de Mellie

Legend has it that the god of the sea Poseidon and the goddess of wisdom Athena competed to find the most precious gift to offer humanity… Poseidon gave a horse, Athena an olive tree. It is said that it is precisely at the feet of this tree that came to the world all the gods of ancient Greece Its fragile and delicious fruit is rich in many virtues. It is for this reason that the olive tree was chosen as the most precious gift

The cultivation of vines and olive trees is ancestral. Often at the edge of the vines, these trees ensured the production of family oil. It is in our vineyard of Capendu, in the Corbières, at the edge of the vineyard that we cultivate our olive trees to extract the best.

We had the chance to be tasted by Fabienne Roux, an elastologist and olive oil expert:

«A gourmet oil, round and without false note»

A very good surprise for an olive oil harvested at maturity that gives it a subtle taste, we perceive on the nose aromas of apples and fruits of the orchard (plum…) that makes this condiment the perfect accompaniment of your autumn/winter dishes. A virgin olive oil to consume close to the harvest within 6 months to benefit from its complexity in culinary use. In the mouth, the aromatic herbs and the spice tip (whose pepper) increases the balance and gives length The roundness brought by the buttered side will please chefs who can use this oil from the starter to the dessert. With a final score of 92/100 this oil joins the world top 20 of our tastings in its medium ripe fruity category.

Fabienne Roux

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