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Harvest 2020 at Château Broustet

At the heart of the Château Broustet harvest…

In the appellation Sauternes and Barsac, it is the stage where the noble rot (Botrytis cinerea) that we waited impatiently, suspended from the weather.

When this fungus appears, in autumn, it consumes some of the sugars and acids of the grapes reached maturity. Gradually, the grape is transformed and concentrated by evaporation, increasing its density in aromas and sugar and causing a subtle alchemy in the juice.

It is thanks to the men and women of Château Broustet, that each year the best conditions are gathered to promote its action at the ideal time of the over-ripening of the grapes.

They care for the soil and the vines all year round.

This year, it was small tries, these successive pickups intended to harvest by hand the best botrytised clusters, but very qualitative and realized in optimal conditions.

2020 promises to be an atypical vintage and rare.

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