Château Carcanieux


Cru Bourgeois


Enclosed in a peninsula in the North of Bordeaux, the vineyard of the Médoc wine occupies an exceptional status.

Following the Gironde on more than 80 kilometers, the region offers horizons highly varied, as well as a big variety of grounds.

These various soils make the wealth of Médoc wines where every property offers its own characteristics, so leaving to the amateur of vintage wines an infinite range of pleasures, so visual, as olfactive, gustative and even tactile.

Château Carcanieux has a surface of 40 hectares most of it dedicated to vineyard. Located in Queyrac on a hill named “Highlands of Carcanieux”, its soil is very gravely.

The many stones surrounding the Château came from its name carved on the fronton “Carcanieux Les Graves”. The vineyard consists of vines mainly planted in 1977 and which are renewed according to an intensive replanting program. The grape variety is composed of 45% of merlot, 40% of cabernet sauvignon, 10% of cabernet franc and 5% of petit verdot, with a reasoned work of the vine, the harvest in green to limit the yields and a stripping to enjoy the best of the sun.

It is said that the Lord of «Quarquanyus», descendant of Jean De Comps and vassal of the Count of Lesparre, refused to surrender on September 17, 1445 to the call of the seneschal of Guyenne, who recruited supporters for the King of France. A supporter of the English, after the defeat of Talbot, the castle was put under the king’s control and all exploitation was defended.

If the seizure was momentary or definitive history kept this secret…

The property has been owned by Vignobles de Terroirs since 2009.

Place of the estate : Queyrac

Average production : 180 000 bottles

Area of the vineyard : 26 hectares

Soil : Sandy gravel

Grape varieties : 45% Merlot, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Cabernet Franc, 5% Petit Verdot

Average age of the wines : 30 years

Vinification : Stainless-steel vats

Ageing : Vats & barrels

Tasting notes
A lovely wine offering a deep color and a slightly spicy bouquet with notes of red fruit.
Lots of elegance and balance on the palate, with smooth, silky tannins.
A good, complex, rounded and well balanced wine.

Matching with food

A very well-balanced wine to be tried with a rib steak, a peppered steak or a grilled lamb chop.
To be tasted between 16° and 18°C

Cellaring potential
To be enjoyed now, or kept for 10 to 15 years.

The estate